My friends, who are the biggest support, deserve part of my Web Page. Unfortunately some of them don't have their own Web Pages, so here you can see just some of my supporter.


Frey Lhasa Apso, Croatia

Ui Tango Lhasa Apso, Spain

Kyechu Lhasa Apso, The Netherlands

Azurowa Amhara Lhasa Apso, Poland

z Czanca Lhasa Apso, Poland


Handling and conditioning dogs by Juraj Sokolić

Darius Land kennel - Newfoundlander, BiH

Bady Best Friends - Golden Retriever, BiH

Tibet Magic kennel - Tibetan Terrier, Cro

Quercus kennel - Persian Cats, Cro

Nine Lives - Whippets, De

Microschihuas kennel - Chihuahua, Serbia

Alten Brucke kennel - Rotweiler, BiH

Mirta's Haus Horoscope - Miniature Schnauzer, Cro

Believe in Dreams - American Cocker Spaniel


Valentina Župan, Croatia

Emily Baroutsaki, Greece

Lana Premk, Slovenia

Nina Bešter, Slovenia

Adell Branchevic, Latvia

Hila Hadar, Israel

Kristinae Airenne, Estonia

Andrea Krmpotić, Croatia

Marijana Račić, Croatia

Nikola Volić, Serbia

Ana Grujić, Serbia


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Lhasa Apso Forum


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